Air Tightness Testing

What is an Air Tightness Test?

An Air Tightness Test is used to determine the level of uncontrolled air flow through gaps or cracks in the fabric of a building.

What is Air Leakage?

Air leakage occurs when the air flows through cracks and gaps in the fabric of a building. This is identified using an air tightness test.  In the case of poor air leakage, a property’s heat loss could increase by up to 60%. This is a result of cold air infiltrating the property and displacing warm air inside. Often the warm air has come from costly heating systems and energy bills, resulting is a huge waste of money. Condensation is very problematic for insulation performance and can also cause fabric deterioration. Improving the Air Tightness of your property will reduce warm damp air leakage to prevent this from happening. 

How do I solve Air Tightness Issues?

The solution to Air Tightness issues is dependant on multiple characteristics of your property. Our experienced engineers will create a tailored plan to guarantee improvements using traditional masonry, timber framing or concrete based methods. Buildcert provides consultation, design and construction services for Air Tightness.

How much heat does a home loose through air leakage?

You could be loosing up to 30% of the heat in your home through air leakage. Along with insulation, improving your air tightness will improve the comfort and warmth of your home. You will also save money on home energy bills.

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