NZEB Part L Compliance

What is NZEB (Nearly Zero Energy Building Standard)?

Buildings that have extremely high energy efficiency are classed as ‘Nearly Zero Energy Buildings’. These buildings take advantage of renewable energy sources to produce the little energy that they need. These sources can either be located on the property or close by.

BuildCert will design your property to achieve full compliance with the New NZEB regulation and requirements.

New homes offered for sale off plans also require a  provisional BER. A provisional BER is issued based upon the design drawings and building specifications. The provisional BER is valid for a maximum of 2 years. When the home is completed, the provisional BER must be replaced by a final BER based on a survey of the completed home supported by the final drawings and building specifications which represent the home as constructed.

For new buildings

For all new builds, NZEB is equivalent to a 25% improvement in energy performance on the 2011 Building Regulations.

A range of examples are shown in excel versions of the DEAP software available in the Domestic BER Resource page.

Key changes to Part L for NZEB compliance include a Maximum Energy Performance Coefficient of 0.3, a Maximum Carbon Performance of 0.35 and a renewable Energy Ratio of 20%.

For major renovation

For existing buildings, major renovation is typically activated under the following circumstances, where the work affects greater than 25% surface area of the existing dwelling:

  • External Wall Renovation, external or internal insulation
  • External Wall & Window Renovation
  • External Wall & Roof Renovation
  • External Wall & Floor Renovation
  • New Extension

The cost-optimal level is a primary energy performance of less than 125 kWh/m2/yr (B2 BER) when calculated using DEAP or upgrade of ceiling insulation and heating system.

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